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The terms and conditions governing the use of this website (www.touris.eu) and the purchase of merchandise through this website (the "Terms and Conditions") are outlined in this document (together with any documents referred to herein). Before using this website, please carefully read these Terms and Conditions, our Cookies Policy, and our Privacy Policy. You accept these Terms and Conditions and the Data Protection Policies by using this website and/or placing an order through it. You must not use this website if you disagree. There may be changes to these terms and conditions. You are responsible for regularly reading them as the Terms govern the Contract (as defined below), which was formed under the Terms and Conditions in effect at that time. Using the live chat feature or our social media pages on Facebook (Touris Hunting / Touris Outdoor) and Instagram (@Touris Hunting / @touris Outdoor), you may get in touch with us if you have any questions about the terms and conditions or the data protection policies. Any of the languages in which the Terms and Conditions are available on this website may be used to perform the Contract (as defined below), at your option.


Registered as "Touris SA" with the activity "TOURIS COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL SPORTS GOODS S.A." the website (www.touris.eu) is a part of the TOURIS company (VAT 094057157, DOU FAE Athens) G.E.MI 300801000. Nea Erythraia Attica is where the business is based (17th km of the Athens-Lamia National Highway, Pylou 2, 14564 Kifisia).



Your provided personal information will be handled in compliance with the Data Protection Policies. By using this website, you acknowledge that all information and data submitted are true and accurate and that you consent to the processing of those facts.


When you use this website and make purchases there, you consent to:

  1. Use this website exclusively to submit orders and legitimate questions that are lawful.
  2. Not to place any fictitious or duplicitous orders. If we reasonably believe that such an order has been placed, we shall be permitted to revoke it and notify the appropriate authorities.
  3. Be sure to give us accurate and factual contact information, such as your email address, mailing address, and/or phone number. You concur as well that we may contact you using this information if necessary (see our Privacy Policy).

You cannot make an order with us if you do not provide us with all the information we require.

You declare that you are over the age of 18 and have the legal capacity to enter into contracts when you place an order on this website.


The only countries where this website sells items are Greece and Cyprus.



The information in these terms and the facts on this website do not constitute a sale offer, but rather an invitation to treat. Unless we clearly recognize your order, there will be no contract between you and us about any product. If your offer is refused and a charge has already been made to your account, you will be refunded in full.

To place a purchase, complete the online checkout procedure and then click "Payment." After that, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your order (the "Order Confirmation"). Remember that this does not mean your order has been authorized because it is an offer to us to purchase one or more goods. All orders are subject to our approval, which you will be notified of via an e-mail in which we confirm that the item has been sent ("Shipping"). The Contract only covers the products listed in the Shipping Confirmation. We are not obliged to provide you with any extra products that have not been ordered unless we certify in a Shipment Confirmation that these have been supplied.



To buy an air rifle or air pistol, the potential buyer must be 18 years old or older proven by providing his/her Identification Card.

He must also be a European Union permanent resident. 

In the event of a remote transaction, the buyer must transmit a photocopy of his/her identity card by Fax (210 8079951) or e-mail to sales@touris.eu.

Please be advised that the use of air guns and air pistols for hunting purposes is strictly prohibited under Greek law. Air guns are NOT toy weapons. They have the potential to cause SERIOUS INJURY or even DEATH. Safety precautions must be taken every time you use an air gun. Remember the phrase "GUNS KILL". Even if you know the pistol is empty, never point it toward another person.

They have the potential to cause SERIOUS INJURY or even DEATH. 

As a result, before each usage, each user should take all required safety precautions.




Contact us via the available ways of communication before purchasing a weapon.

Attention! The Police Authority's "Purchase Permit of Items Under Law 2168/1993" is required for the purchase of a gun.

To finalize the purchase, mail the original " Purchase Permit of the gun under Law 2168/1993" along with a copy of your identity card to the following address:



Tel: 210 8002 444 FAX: 210 8079 951




Product availability governs all product orders. Similarly, if there are issues with product supply or there are no more items in stock, we have the obligation to provide you with information about substitute products of equal or better value that you may order. We will refund all money you have already paid if you do not want to order the alternative products.


We reserved the right at any time to withdraw any item from this website, as well as to remove or alter any material or content on this website. Although we make every effort to complete all orders placed with us, unforeseen situations may arise in which we must decline to execute an order after providing you with an Order Confirmation, which we reserve the right to do at any time at our sole discretion. We accept no responsibility or liability to you or any third party for the withdrawal of any items from this website, the removal or change of any material or content on this website, or the failure to complete or accept an order after we have sent you an Order Confirmation. Although we make every attempt to fulfill all orders placed with us, unusual circumstances may develop in which we must decline to process an order after we have already provided you an Order Confirmation, which we retain the right to do at any time at our sole discretion. We accept no duty to you or any other party for the removal or modification of any information or content on this website, or for the refusal to complete or accept an order after we have issued you an Order Confirmation.


Irrespectively of the paragraph above about "Products in/out of stock," we will make every effort to send the order containing the product(s) listed in each Shipping Confirmation before the date indicated in the Shiping Confirmation in question, or, if no delivery date is specified, within the estimated timeframe indicated when selecting the delivery method, and, in any case, within a maximum period of 30 days from the date of the Order Confirmation

Nonetheless, there may be delays due to factors such as product customization, the occurrence of unanticipated situations, or the delivery zone.

If we are unable to meet the delivery date for any reason, we will notify you and offer you the choice to continue with the purchase, set a new delivery date, or cancel the order and receive a full refund. Keep in mind that we do not conduct home deliveries on Saturdays or Sundays.

For these Conditions, "delivery" or the order "delivered" occurs when you or a third party other than the carrier gains physical possession or control of the goods, as demonstrated by the signature of the receipt of the order at the agreed delivery address. 


If we are unable to deliver your order to you, we will make every effort to leave it in a secure area. We will also leave a letter indicating where your order is and what steps you must do to get it.

If the order is still unable to be fulfilled 30 days after it becomes available for delivery for reasons other than our fault, we will assume that you desire to cancel the Contract and declare it canceled. We shall restore any money received from you as soon as feasible and, at the very least, within 14 days of the day the Contract was canceled, including delivery charges (except for any extra delivery charges resulting from your choice of a delivery mode other than the basic given).

However, please bear in mind that transportation resulting from Contract termination may entail a higher fee, which we have the right to charge you.

Please keep in mind, however, that transportation resulting from Contract termination may incur a higher cost, which we have the right to charge you.


When you or a third party other than the carrier has actual custody or control of the things, the dangers become your responsibility. You will gain ownership of the things when we receive full payment of all money owed to us, including shipping expenses, or when delivery (as described in the Shipping paragraph) happens.


The prices of the products will always be as indicated on our website unless there is an obvious error. Although we make every attempt to ensure that the prices presented on the website are correct, errors do occur. If we realise a pricing problem for any of the items you purchased, we will contact you as soon as possible and provide you the option of confirming your order at the correct price or canceling it. If we are unable to contact you, your order will be canceled and you will get a full refund.

We are not obligated to deliver you any product at the inaccurate lower price (even if we have issued the Shipment Confirmation) if the pricing error is evident and unmistakable and could have reasonably been recognized by you as an improper price.


Prices on the website include VAT but do not include delivery costs, which are added to the final price as shown in our Shipping page. The "Shipping" material is an important element of these Terms and Conditions.


Pricing is subject to change without prior notice. Unless otherwise noted, the changes will not affect orders for which we have already sent an Order Confirmation.

After you've chosen all of the items you want to purchase, they'll be stored in your basket, and the next step will be to complete the transaction and make payment. Given that, you must complete or verify the information provided at each step of the purchasing procedure. Furthermore, you may change the specifics of your order at any time before paying. A record of all orders placed by you is also available in the "My Account" area if you are a registered user.


You can proceed to payment by selecting one of the various options, which are clearly listed under "METHODS OF PAYMENTS," where you can get further information.


You have the option of purchasing products as a guest (no registration is required). Only the information required to process your transaction will be obtained from you under this sort of purchase. Before and after you complete the purchasing procedure, you will be given the option of registering as a user or continuing as a non-registered user.




1.Legal right of withdrawal

If you are contracting as a consumer, you have the right to withdraw from the Contract (except for the items listed in the case of 2 below, which have no right to withdraw) within 10 calendar days, without giving any explanation. The withdrawal period will expire after 10 calendar days from the day you or a third party other than the carrier acquire physical possession or control of the goods, or in the case of multiple goods in one order delivered separately, after 10 calendar days from the day you or a third party other than the carrier acquire physical possession or control of the last good. To exercise your right of withdrawal, send us an email at sales@touris.eu or write to our potential live chat channel with an unequivocal statement of your intention to withdraw from this Contract.

Withdrawal Effects: If you withdraw from this Contract, we shall refund your payments without undue delay and, in any case, no later than 10 days from the day we are notified of your desire to withdraw from this Contract. We will repay you using the same payment method as you used for the initial transaction.

Regardless of the preceding, we may delay compensation until we receive the items back or you provide evidence of having returned the goods, whichever comes first. You must return or deliver the items to us at our physical shop within 10 days of notifying us of your withdrawal from this Contract. If you return the products within 10 calendar days, you have met the requirement. Unless you deliver the products over to our shop, you will be responsible for the actual cost of returning the goods.

The following items will be returned upon cancellation:

a)Returns are accepted at the Touris location.

You may return any goods to the Touris you desire to return. In this situation, you should go to the store and return the merchandise together with the fully completed delivery ticket. The items must be returned in the same condition in which they were received.

b) Returns via Courier

When returning the product(s) through a courier handled by us, please notify us via our contact form so that we may arrange for the package to be collected. You must return the goods in the same package that you got by following the directions in the "RETURNS" section of our website. If you choose not to return the items to our Touris Store, you will be responsible for the return expenses, which will be deducted from the value of the returned products. Following a detailed examination of the item, we will notify you whether you are entitled to a refund of the sums paid. When the right of withdrawal is used within the statutory term and all of the products in the relevant parcel are returned, the delivery charges will be repaid. The refund will be sent as quickly as feasible and, in all situations, within 30 days of your withdrawal notification. Regardless of the preceding, we may delay compensation until we receive the items back or until you provide evidence of having returned the goods, whichever comes first. The refund will always be made using the same method of payment that you used to make your transaction. You are responsible for the expense and risk of returning the items to us, as specified above. Do not hesitate to contact us, If you have any questions, by sending an email to sales@touris.eu, using the live chat channel, or through our social media profiles on Facebook (Touris_hunting or Touris_Outdoor) and Instagram (@Touris_Hunting or @touris_outdoor).

2.If the Contract is for the provision of any of the following Products, you do not have the power to cancel it.

• Items that have been customized (weapons, clothes, shoes, etc.)

• Sealed products that are not eligible for return due to hygienic reasons and were opened after delivery, such as socks and underwear. Your right to cancel the Contract applies only to items that are returned in the identical condition in which you got them.

• No refund will be granted if the product has been used other than opening it, if the product is not in the same state as when it was sent, or if it has been damaged, so please take care of the product(s) while in your possession. Please return the items with all of their original packing, instructions, and any paperwork that came with them, if any. In any case, you must return the goods along with the receipt you received when the product was delivered.

3. Defective Products returns

While we make every effort to provide you with high-quality products, we may experience certain challenges. If you realize that the product is not as described in the Contract at the time of delivery, you must inform us immediately by sending an email to sales@touris.eu, via the live chat channel, or using our Facebook accounts (Touris Hunting or Touris Outdoor) and Instagram (@Touris Hunting or @touris Outdoor), providing the product details and the damage sustained, and we will indicate what you need to do. You can return the product at Touris stores or by delivering it to a Courier whom we will send to your home. You must return the product together with the ticket that you will receive with the product when it is delivered. We will carefully examine the returned product and will notify you by e-mail within a reasonable period if the product may be refunded or replaced (as appropriate). The refund or replacement of the article will take place as soon as feasible and, in all instances, within 14 days of the date, we send you an email confirming that the refund or replacement of the goods will take place. The sums paid for items returned due to damage or defect will be repaid in full, including the transportation expenses associated with mailing the piece and the costs incurred by you in returning it to us. The refund will be issued using the same payment method that you used to make the transaction. All rights recognized in current legislation shall be, in any case, safeguarded. 


You may modify specific items on this website, such as altering the barrel of a rifle or other characteristics, or by self-configuring item measurements. More information about this service may be found in the Shopping Guide. Please keep in mind that the colors, textures, and actual sizes (unless when an exact measurement is precisely the customization specified by you) may change from those seen on screen owing to technical faults or other factors beyond our control. Please also be aware that because these are customized products, they cannot be returned or exchanged. Although we reserve the right to refuse your customization or cancel orders for customized products for failure to comply with these conditions, you will be solely responsible for the customization requested. We may refuse your customization, or cancel orders for customized products if the customization includes or consists of inappropriate content, property belonging to third parties, or other illicit material. We assume no responsibility for, and we undertake no obligation to verify, the texts or other elements included in the customization created by users of this service. We do not guarantee the lawfulness of said texts or other elements, and we, therefore, take no responsibility for any loss and/or damage arising for any user(s) and/or third parties (whether these are individuals or public or private bodies) directly or indirectly derived from the customization of a product or that have any direct or indirect relation to such customization and products.